A video recorded of Julia talking about her work, 'Traversing the Round' in Amiens, France can be seen here.

© 2017 by Julia Heslop

In September 2013 Julia worked with an architect and an archaeologist on the second phase of the ReCall project in Rome. The group spent time in Rome researching a 'forgotten' site of the Second World War. This research research culminated in a design for a spatial intervention into the site, allowing the history of the site to be recalled and remembered in a progressive manner.

In April 2014 the research was presented at the Nordic Embassy, Berlin and the group won second prize for their design. This research and the final design can be viewed with the 'Work' section and here and here.

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URBAN ORGANISMS is a collaborative project developed and curated by arts producer Lauren Healey, and artists Sabina Sallis and Julia Heslop through NewBridge Programme Committee.

It examines and creatively explores food sustainability in cities. Working across a range of approaches the project will provide a space for conversation and ideas. Connecting up the environmental, socio-economic and political dimensions of urban food production and consumption, the NewBridge Project Space will act as a hub for this activity including film screenings, participatory workshops, walks and talks.


NewBridge Project Space will host an exhibition on the subject of urban food sustainability featuring work by Fernando Garcia Dory, N55, Magdalena Starska, Mikey Tomkins, Caitlin & Andrew Webb Ellis and Julia Wilmott.

Fernando Garcia Dory, N55, Magdalena Starska, Mikey Tomkins, Caitlin & Andrew Webb Ellis, Julia Wilmott


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“It is easier to imagine the end of the world than an alternative to capitalism.”


From 18th – 23rd January 2016 Metal Liverpool in partnership with 67projects are curating Liverpool Provocations, a series of four new public realm art works based in and around the city centre. Liverpool Provocations is a series of interruptions that urge the public to stop and ponder questions surrounding consumption, money, value and exchange. Strategically located within the ‘January Sales’ period, the device by which the public is coaxed straight back on the shopping treadmill, the new artworks will seek to comment on our increasingly complex relationship with work, leisure and consumption.


Julia is one of the artists invited by Alan Dunn to compose a four word statement to FOUR WORDS on Liverpool's Media Wall at Lime Street, which will host an alternative stream of provocative 10-second animations. Find out more here.

Image © Magdalena Starska