Drawings, 2011 - 2013

This is a selection of Julia's drawings, either preparation drawings for paintings or for architectural structures. Many of these drawings leave traces of the perspective workings, showing the process of the drawing.

© 2019 by Julia Heslop

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Working drawing for 'Factory, Kucove', pencil on paper, 2011

Finished drawing for 'Traversing the Round', coloured pencil on paper, 2013

Working drawings for 'Traversing the Round', pencil on paper, 2013

Paintings, 2011 - 2012

Julia orginally trained as a painter. The works below show the paintings she produced during the first year of her Masters. Many of these works are oil on steel - a technique that allowed her to create crisp lines, and retain the remains of the underdrawings.

The core of this body of work was based upon two visits to Albania where she visited old Communist factories which had been left to ruination. Employing a heightened use of perspective she wanted to juxtapose a vision of 'progress' that was sought in the early years of Communism with the present day reality. The result is an impression of 'ruins of the future', where rockets lie abandoned, cracks form in once newly cast concrete, the fountains of workers' communal spaces sit abandoned and the dictator's mausoleum stands bare of its marble coat.

Plan for Electrification

'Plan for Electrification', oil on steel, 2011, 100cm x 85cm

Textile Kombinat, Berat

'Textile Kombinat', Berat', oil on steel, 2011, 100cm x 73cm

Kiosk The Pyramid II

'Kiosk', oil on steel, 2011, 58 cm x 50cm

'The Pyramid II', oil on steel, 2011, 30cm x 35cm

Kombinat Bus Station

'Tirana Station', oil on paper, 2011, 84cm x 60cm

'Kombinat Bus Station', oil on paper, 2011 150cm x 90cm


'Fountain', oil on steel, 2011, 100cm x 73cm

Tirana Station 077 079

'Surveillance', oil on board, 2011, 30cm x 42cm

'Rocket', Oil on board, 2011, 30cm x 42cm


'The Workshop', Oil on board, 2011, 82cm x 72cm